Urgent Care Services

TelaCare Health Solutions provides anytime access to board certified doctors, therapists and specialists from where it's most convenient for you. After registering, within minutes you can have a virtual consult to diagnose non-emergency medical issues over the phone or through secure video on your computer or smartphone. It's patient-centric healthcare that works for you and around your schedule.

How can we help you feel better?

TelaCare brings you 24/7 access to medical professionals! So instead of scheduling an appointment to see a Doctor or going to the emergency room or urgent Care center, you simply make one phone call and a doctor will provide you with a consultation, diagnose your medical problem and even call in a prescription to your local pharmacy. The best part is that the doctor consult is FREE.


Access physicians via desktop, tablet, or mobile from your home, work, or when traveling the way healthcare should be delivered.


No waiting for an appointment with your doctor or waiting in a busy emergency room or urgent care center full of sick people.


Save money on unnecessary and expensive emergency room or urgent care visits with no out-of-pocket deductible costs.


Peace of mind that you have a doctor, therapists or specialists on call anytime, anywhere you need them most.

Urgent Care Visits

TelaCare gives you 24/7/365 access to U.S. board-certified doctors through the convenience
of phone or video consults. It's an affordable alternative to costly urgent care and ER visits
when you need care now.

Commonly Treated Conditions

A Few Member Testimonials

Excellent Service

"I don’t get sick very often but I woke up one morning with a bad sore throat and an earache. I remembered that my company had bought a benefit from TelaCare so I decided to give it a try. After giving them a call, I was surprised when a doctor called me back in 20 minutes. Not only did he send in a prescription for an antibiotic but he spent about 15 minutes answering questions I had about other minor aches and pains I had. I was very surprised how professional the whole process was and will use this service again. "

Melissa Rae

Amazing Company!

"I appreciate being able to talk with a doctor when I’m sick. To me it’s the way medicine was practiced in the beginning. When you are not well someone would say “go get the doctor” not ok get dressed then travel from home and wait for a few hours all while wanting to crawl in a corner and die. Seriously this is the best thing to come to modern medicine. Thank you. "

Jennifer Gardner

Thanks For Helping Me Feel Better

"I want to thank you for the TeleCare benefit my employer provided me. He asked me questions about my problems and told me he was going to have a prescription waiting at my pharmacy. He said if I wasn't better in five days to go to a local doctor but that he was confident I would be fine. I'm on a high deductible insurance plan so by using TeleCare I saved an incredible amount of money along with getting better much faster! Thank you so much!!!!"

Therra Wilbrandt

Mind Blowing!

“I was experiencing anxiety and utter panic when I found out that I was pregnant with my third child and knew I needed help. I decided to give Teladoc a try on my lunch break, and have to say that I am feeling 100x better. I probably wouldn't have sought out help if it wasn’t for TelaCare.”

Christina Herrin


Our doctors are located across all 50 states.

When you call, you’ll talk to a local doctor who understands the weather and illnesses common to your area.

During or after a visit, providers can send prescriptions and recommendations for over the counter (OTC) medications to a pharmacy of your choice.


Get the concierge treatment. Call 1-800-317-0280 and speak with a TelaCare representative right away who can get you registered and speaking with a doctor in no time.

Our doctors, therapists, and specialists can help you with the flu, infections, anxiety, stress, skin conditions, and provide advice on serious medical conditions. No matter what you're facing, we’re available from wherever you are by phone, video, or mobile app.


Prefer to have a visit from your computer? No problem. Log onto your account at Member Log In and see a doctor in minutes.

Most doctor visits take about 10 minutes, but you can always take your time if you need to. Doctors on TelaCare can review your history, answer questions, diagnose, treat and even prescribe medication. Prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy of choice.


Healthcare is in the palm of your hand. Download the TelaCare mobile app and have a video visit on your smartphone or tablet.

With video, providers can look, listen and engage with you to diagnose your health concerns and provide an effective treatment plan.

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